Here are my suggestions for survival

December 8th, 2016 by zack

Take charge of your Disease – do not let the disease take charge of you.
Research your diagnosis and disease to see what is the best treatment for you. When you have your information, make an appointment with your oncologist and actively participate in your treatment plan.

Take charge of your life – do what is best for YOU at this point in your life.
Remove anyone or things that cause you stress. Research has proven that all people have the same amount of cancer cells in their bodies, it only manifests in those that experience undue stress eighteen months to 2 years prior to your diagnosis. Be honest with yourself and look back over your life for the past 2 years to see where YOUR stress came from, then eliminate it.

Have a positive attitude – do affirmations everyday.
Every morning prior to getting out bed, give Thanks to God that you woke up on this side of the grass. Then set your intentions of having a great day and that all is well in your world. Repeat to yourself all day long, I am healthy and well – all is well in my world. It is even better if you will write these affirmations in your own handwriting. Never encounter a negative thought! Not even when you have had a chemo treatment and feel like hell. Say to yourself, this is for my good and is healing my body. Remove all negative people from your life.

Stay active and engaged in your life – continue to do what brings you happiness and fulfillment. If you want to continue to work – then work, just change your schedule so that it works around your treatment and gives you enough time to recoup a little.

Make a Bucket List – do all the things that you have wanted to do or accomplish here on earth. This will set goals for you to look forward to and will keep you focused on what you need to do. Write that book that you always wanted to write. Teach a class or participate in something that will expand your knowledge and enjoyment. Spend time with those your love and go to places you always wanted to go.

Live your life with NO REGRETS!

The End to this Story: My sister and I both chose different paths of treatment, but both agreed that we would not die from cancer. We both celebrated our 27h anniversary on June 10, 2014 of being cancer free. Sadly, Frannie passed away on January 1, 2015 from Parkinson’s disease. We also both refused to be part of a sibling survival study at UCLA as we choose not to dwell on cancer.

Remember God does not bring you anything that you cannot withstand or without a plan. God took me all the way to the edge of the cliff, but he never pushed me over! When he closes one door he opens another. I am excited for what he has planned for my future!

Believe… that you will survive and you will be your new self in no time!

This photo was taken one week after my breast cancer surgery in June 1987.
I had committed to doing the open house for Ralph and Diana Story’s art gallery The Story Collection in Los Olivos, California. My daughters and Nicole Sletten saved the day – I was admitted back into the hospital later that evening when my blood pressure dropped to 60/40 due to infection.

Until next time…

The following two warm drinks are excellent choices for Christmas or New Year’s celebrations. Adds a very special touch to the event.

Espresso Alexander Demitasse
Serves 14 to 16 demitasse

6 cups cold water
¾ cup ground espresso coffee
8 inches stick cinnamon, broken
½ cup crème de cacao
¼ cup brandy
1 cup whipping cream
Chocolate curls or grated semisweet chocolate

Place cold water in percolator. Place espresso and stick cinnamon in basket. Perk according to manufacturer’s instructions, using the strongest setting. If using an electric drip coffee maker, place espresso grounds and cinnamon in filter; use 6 cups water and brew on the strongest setting. Remove basket or filter; stir crème de cacao and brandy into coffee. In a small chilled mixing bowl beat whipping cream to soft peaks – tips that curl over.

To serve, pour coffee mixture into demitasse cups or small coffee cups, filling two-thirds full. Serve with whipped cream atop with chocolate curls or grated chocolate.

Hot Chocolate with Pink Peppermint Whipped Cream
Makes 2 ½ cups

For the Hot Chocolate:
2 cups whole milk
Pinch of salt
6 oz. semisweet or white chocolate, finely chopped
1 Tablespoon crème de cacao, optional
1 t. instant coffee granules (omit if using white chocolate)
½ teaspoon vanilla

For Whipped Cream:
½ cup heavy whipping cream
2 Tablespoons pulverized peppermints
1 Tablespoon powdered sugar
1 Tablespoon crushed peppermints
4-6 peppermint canes, crushed

Beat cream, pulverized peppermints and sugar for the whipped cream to stiff peaks. Pipe or spoon onto a parchment-lined baking sheet, sprinkle with crushed peppermints and freeze until firm, about 20 minutes.
Heat milk and salt for hot chocolate in a saucepan over medium heat until steam begins to rise. Whisk in remaining ingredients until smooth. Ladle into mugs and top with rosettes of frozen whipped cream.

Peg’s Notes: Crush candy canes in food processor to a fine power. A large tip will help keep bits of peppermint from blocking the hole. You should get 6-8 rosettes, so if you double the recipe the whipped cream should be enough.

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