Peg Ivy - Author of A Dash of Southern

Peg Ivy – Author of A Dash of Southern

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Although Peg enjoyed her work as an accounting professional, where she was both successful and appreciated, her passion remained in creating and sharing sumptuous food. For years, she had dreamed of starting a catering business and enjoyed bringing her creations to the monthly Friday potlucks at work. Her co-workers raved. Realizing Peg’s talent, she was asked to organize and approve catering menus for corporate functions such as board meetings, business luncheons, open houses and company holiday events. When she was asked to actually cater an event, Peg discovered that her bosses were more impressed with her culinary skills than they were with a good audit.

“They viewed the audit as part of my job,” Peg explained, “but my cooking was something special! The responses from my bosses and co-workers made me realize that I really could make it in the catering world!”

She began catering on weekends, and often in the evenings after a day’s work, she would be in the kitchen filling special orders for client dinners and parties. It took a few more years for Peg to leave her day job. It was a bittersweet parting—sad to leave the camaraderie and support she had at work while being excited and eager to begin living her dream.

Soon Peg was participating in the Sunset Magazine Food Shows and traveling the food circuit. She owned a successful gourmet coffee shop, roasting the beans and creating her own new flavors, until her constant exposure to the coffee bean created an allergy.  But her catering business was rapidly expanding so she left the shop behind. Another niche emerged with Peg cooking for local celebrities and catering elegant parties as well as large celebrity events. Soon she was giving cooking classes and began organizing her closely guarded family recipes along with her newly created dishes. A cookbook was in the making.

Her cookbook, A Dash of Southern–its savory recipes generously illustrated with tantalizing photos—is now available and can be ordered on this web site!

Peg pays homage to her heritage, and shares signature dishes perfected over a lifetime of creating and serving an extraordinary range of scrumptious meals.

A series of recipes will be featured for you to try out, and you can join Peg via video as she creates some of her favorite dishes.

Peg and Jarvis settled in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley located in Santa Barbara County, California.  They are the proud parents of three grown daughters.